Aider Deer Placenta Supplement – Exclusive Formulation from Swiss

Aider is formulated exclusively with supreme ingredients using a 50:1 ratio. Including 15,000 mg deer placenta at its best condition, the product is full of live cell nutritions. Furthermore, it is complemented and enriched with other valuable natural ingredients that make it more unique. The natural ingredients which make this product more effective are Chia Seed Oil, Fish Collagen, Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil, Lycopene, Lecithin, Salmon Fish Oil, Squalene, and Resveratrol.

The active ingredient along with other natural constituents are synergized to protect, regenerate, and repair tissues, cells, and organs in your body. After routine consumption, it will repair the deteriorating and aging cells. It resumes the vigor and fresh cells.


  1. Deer Placenta
    As the source of growth factors and nutrients, it is the main material that is used to produce this supplement. Deer is the best option since the research has proven its non-allergic results. The extract of this organ is well-preserved through freeze-dry procedures. 

  1. Chia Seed Oil
    This natural ingredient is one of the best sources of antioxidants. This will speed up the skin's reparation system and stop additional damage. This ingredient is also capable of boosting your immune system to recover inflammation, control cholesterol, lower the blood pressure and avoid heart disease.

  1. Fish Collagen
    This constituent is a complex structure of the protein that will support and preserve the flexibility of skin, strength, joints, ligaments, bones, blood vessel, nails, gums, muscles, and hair. It enhances the anti-aging process and fastens the healing process of bone injuries and wounds.

  1. Evening Primrose Oil
    The oil is extracted from the flower’s seeds which contain much minerals and vitamins. This ingredient is commonly used to treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It’s also effective to relieve the pain from diabetes.

  1. Borage Oil
    This essential oil has a specific compound that can't be produced by the human body. The oil is derived from its seeds and used to heal chest congestion, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, cough, and menopause symptoms. Similar to deer placenta, this ingredient is also powerful to make your skin and hair condition better than before. 


Things That The Deer Placenta Will Do yo Your Body

There is a new drug coming to the market, and it is the purtier. Placenta is some kind of hub that connect the baby to the mother, and thus it is supposed to be very healthy. Many are questioning the ethical side of this drugs, but the new Zealand company that produced the drugs are stressing that no deer is ever harmed or killed during the production of the supplement, and thus making it safe for both the deer and the human consuming it. You can now find the drugs in several countries.

The placenta is actually the hub between the mother and her foetuses, which is used to carry the food and any other stuff to the baby. Therefore, it is extremely nutritious and also very healthy for the body. But since this supplement is rather new, then it has notyet standardized and therefore many people are really concerns about the safety issue of the drugs as well.
You cannot get the placenta everywhere, as you need to buy it from certain vendor such as amazon and so on. the deer placenta is quite useful, especially for the pregnant mother and also to the adult.